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Parkview Group has supported Chinese art for the past 50 years and Chinese contemporary artists for over 20 years. Its art collection includes the largest Dali collection outside of Spain, numerous artworks by western modern and contemporary masters, an invaluable collection of imperial Chinese stone Buddhist carvings and a substantial collection of contemporary Chinese art amounting to over 10,000 works.
The collection has grown in scale and received critical acclaim under the leadership of Mr. George Wong, Chairman of the Parkview Group, the eldest brother of the family and Honorary Professor of the Nanjing University of the Arts.



Parkview Museum Bejing

Parkview Museum Beijing, a private non-profit art institution started in August 2012 by George Wong, Chairman of Parkview Group, is on Level 10, D Tower, Parkview Green, No. 9, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing-in the immediate vicinity of CBD.

The Museum, consisting of two halls, covers a total area of over 4,000 m2. The glass curtain walls and the steel-frame structure, coupled with the ETFE fabric on the top, make up a particular energy-saving and environmentally friendly shield, ensuring an independent microclimate in the hall. In addition, thanks to the hybrid air conditioning and ventilating and system, sufficient natural lighting and other state-of-the-art environment protection technology, the museum registers MERV 11, the highest level for complex architecture, providing qualified space for various art exhibitions and helping to achieve the best artistic effect.

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Parkview Museum Singapore

The Parkview Museum·Singapore is a private museum established by the Parkview Group. Located in Parkview Square, it occupies a floor area of 1,400 square metres with up to six metres of ceiling height. It is a brand new space conceived to host exhibitions with emphasis on contemporary art. Its exhibitions will alternate between solo shows, thematic exhibitions and exhibitions featuring pieces from the Group’s extensive collection.

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Parkview Arts Action

Parkview Arts Action is a new arts organisation that aims to harness the transformative power of art to raise awareness of critical environmental issues and inspire change among global communities.
We are dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists to address pressing environmental issues. Our ambition is to support and encourage debate between arts, business and scientific communities, advocacy organisations and the public around environmental sustainability.

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